Who We Are

Medical Marijuana can be confusing. There is lots to learn and the process can seem overwhelming. We want to make your experience as smooth and helpful as possible. Take a minute to meet the team:

 Dr. Gary Rodziewicz


Dr. Gary Rodziewicz is a board certified Neurosurgeon.  He has been invited to lecture at national and international meetings about his innovative ideas.  He has been voted one of CNY’s Best Doctors for many years.

Dr. Rodz thinks that the time has come to explore the benefits of Medical Marijuana.  There is a large and growing body of evidence that medicines from the cannabis (marijuana) plant really help lots of people with many different health conditions.

He is committed to helping you explore the benefits of Medical Marijuana.

Mary LaRussa, FNP-BC

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Mary is a womens health expert as well as a medical marijuana guru. She is the newest addition to our team.



Mary has been working for Dr. Rodziewicz for 20 years.  With Rodz and Jenn, she is excited to start MedMarijuanaConsultants knowing that they would be able to help make Medical Marijuana available to patients in need.

She enjoys yoga and travelling.  Unlike Rodz, she hates news and would much prefer to watch Family Guy.   If you have the time, ask her about meeting the Dalai Lama.



Jenn has worked with Doctor Rodz for over 13 years. She has an uncanny knack for going to the heart of a problem and finding a solution. Rodz should listen to her more.

Her witty humor keeps Rodz and Mary on their toes! She loves a good baseball game (go Yankees!) and music. The coolest thing she has ever done is walk across the Golden Gate Bridge!


Alyssa is extremely interested in the research of Medical Marijuana and is excited to be working with Doctor Rodz, Mary, Mary and Jenn.

She is full of an array of information and is always ready to share a random fact. If you can’t find her in the office, you’ll find her hiking and camping in the woods.