CBD bioavailability and you

Some of our patients have a great response to CBD alone or in combination with THC for their pain or other symptoms.  Some other patients either have no response or have side effects from CBD taken by mouth. So what gives?

We’ve been thinking a lot about CBD bioavailability.  Basically this concept asks how much CBD your body actually absorbs from whatever CBD you take by mouth or inhalation.  There is a great review paper on this topic and a lot of really useful info can be gleaned from it.

First, if you take CBD by mouth your body might only get 1% of the total amount you ate. So a 20 mg CBD capsule might deliver only 0.2 mg of CBD to your bloodstream.

Second, CBD bioavailability is very variable between people. Your friend may absorb 10% of the CBD they eat, but you might only absorb 0.1% of the same CBD that you eat. So maybe “I’m not responsive to CBD ” might really mean “My body just doesn’t absorb CBD from my gut.”

We know that the bioavailability of inhaled (eg vaped) CBD is around 30%. So if you vape 1 mg of CBD in a hit, your body sees 0.3 mg of that vaped CBD. This is way more than your body might see from  20 mg of CBD that you take by mouth.

So maybe if CBD taken by mouth either does not work for you or causes you side effects like indigestion, you might want to try vaping your CBD.

One source for such a vape that some people find helpful is the cbd store . Although we can not recommend it, we can inform you that there is a CBD vape cartridge/pen combination on this site. The 400 mg Pure Ratios CBD vape cartridge costs around $80 and the pen itself is $20. At around 250 hits per ml, this would deliver around 1.6 mg CBD per vape hit  At 30% bioavailability your body would see  around 0.48 mg of CBD per vape hit. So 3 vape hits per day might give you, on average, way more CBD than three  20 mg CBD capsules would. And the vape cartridge would last over 2 months.  Just information.


vaporizer that has good reviews


A lot of our patients would like to find a vaporizer that is inexpensive and easy to use. The XEO VOID seems to fit this bill. It’s about $60 online, has great reviews from the vaping community, and seems to be really easy to use. You just stand it up, unscrew the top, and add your vaping oil. Easy.

Vaping vs oral THC in medical marijuana


If oral THC is not working, try vaping the THC.

We now have good data on about 150 results and some really interesting stuff is shaking down.

At least five folks get very little results from THC that they take by mouth, but they get GREAT results from THC that they vape. This works out to around 7% of folks who respond to THC at all.

There is an explanation for this.

It turns out that when you inhale THC, you are getting the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol directly into your bloodstream. This is the chemical that your brain/body see when medical marijuana is vaped.

However, when you EAT your THC product, your liver transforms the eaten THC into 11-hydroxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol as the predominant chemical that your brain/body see.

And it turns out that about 1/15  folks respond well to vaping delta-9-THC but don’t respond well to  its 11-hydroxy-THC cousin they get from eating THC.

All this stuff is in progress, so Watch This Space.