how to unclog vaporizers

A few of our patients have had problems with their vapes clogging. Here are a couple approaches from YouTube on how to clear these. YMMV etc, but worth a try.



So these tricks will hopefully get you vaping again.


Med Marijuana for PTSD is now in New York !

Gov. Cuomo just  signed the bill that allows people with PTSD to get medical marijuana in NY State !

This is huge.  Now folks suffering PTSD from military service, law enforcement, fire fighting, or life traumas can benefit from medical marijuana. We know that THC and CBD can be effective to help sleep, decrease anxiety and decrease pain in folks suffering PTSD. Now these really useful medicines are available to NY residents. Strong work, the NYS Gov and Legislature!

Why not give us a call and see how we can help you live your life better?


Endometriosis and medical marijuana

Endometriosis can be really debilitating.  The presence of otherwise normal uterine tissue growing in places it shouldn’t can cause abdominal pain, nausea, and general feelings of blah-ness.

It turns out that the nerves that bring pain back from these islands of endometrial cells have  CB1 and CB2 receptors all over them, and that the pain signals can get shut down by medical marijuana ,  which hits these receptors.

So THC and CBD, medical marijuana, may be useful to decrease the symptoms of endometriosis.  Mary Larussa, FNP, is a womens’ health expert as well as a medical marijuana guru.  Why not get her involved to see if this safe medicine can help you ?



Dysmenorrhea and medical marijuana

There is a huge interest in medical marijuana for treatment of dysmenorrhea.  This is a really common and really debilitating condition that robs young women of many days every year.

What sense does it make to treat dysmenorrhea with medical marijuana? Well, a  lot of the problems with dysmenorrhea pain, nausea, and general malaise seem to be mediated by prostaglandins.  This much is pretty well worked out.

Folks have been using medical marijuana to treat dysmenorrhea for a long time (Whoopie Goldberg has a whole line of products for this !). So is there science that can explain these empirical benefits? There sure is.

THC has been shown to  decrease prostalandins in experimental models.  CBD has a well known anti-inflammatory effect on the CB2 system.

One major benefit of using medical marijuana for dysmenorrhea is that the treatment may be episodic: you start the medical marijuana a few days before your period and stop it a couple days after.

Mary LaRussa, FNP,  is a womens’ health guru who has real expertise in both womens’ health and medical marijuana. She can tune medical marijuana to your own individual needs. Why not give her a call?

How to start your medical marijuana

Here are a couple tips on starting your medical marijuana.  If you have not tried  THC or CBD, or if you have not tried a particular way to take THC or CBD (like by mouth instead of inhaled), there are a couple things to be aware of:

  • THC: the first couple of times you take your THC,  you might feel anxious. If this does not go away in a couple of days, call us.  Sometimes the experience you get with THC gets interpreted by your brain as anxiety and once your brain gets used to it, it’s OK. If anxiety on taking THC is really bad or if it lasts more than a couple days, stop the THC and call us.
  • CBD: the first couple of times you take CBD, you might get diarrhea.  If this does not go away in a couple days, stop your CBD and call us.

So go LOW and SLOW to start both THC and CBD.

CB1 receptor agonist binding insights (geeky)

High Times reports  that  an international team of researchers  has actually figured out how the CB1 receptors in your brain respond to THC and other medicines that bind to them. It turns out that your CB1 receptors have way different structures depending on which medicine is actually binding to it. Here’s the article in Nature.

This information is important because when THC or any other medicine binds onto a CB1 receptor,  we can now start looking at how different shapes of this complex  cause different behaviors in your brain cells. This is an obvious guideline to choosing or designing medicines with specific effects on the CB1 receptor. This is very exciting stuff, and not just for geeks.

Go Science ! ! !


vaporizer that has good reviews


A lot of our patients would like to find a vaporizer that is inexpensive and easy to use. The XEO VOID seems to fit this bill. It’s about $60 online, has great reviews from the vaping community, and seems to be really easy to use. You just stand it up, unscrew the top, and add your vaping oil. Easy.

Vaped THC now way less expensive !

Vireo has just come out with a 1 ml oil product with about 400 mg of THC . This is a “refill” for vape pens, and delivers vaped THC for around 30-35 cents per milligram, way inexpensive  vaped THC in NYS. Last we heard the price was around $130-135.

Here’s a link to the XEO VOID , easy to use vape pen for around $60.

So for under $200, you can get your vape pen and 1 ml of THC vape oil.  So you buy the vape oil, load up the vape pen, and you are good to go. For under 200 bucks. Just sayin’.


How to take liquid THC (which tastes horrible)

Here’s a tip from one of our patients who happens to be  a nurse. Nurses are really smart.

Since liquid THC works great but tastes terrible, this is how you take it:

  • take the dropper and put the medicine UNDER your tongue
  • then grab a glass of water and take a drink

That’s it. The water that you sip from the glass washes the liquid THC past your taste buds and it is not nearly as vile tasting.

Nurses Rule ! ! !