Med Marijuana for PTSD is now in New York !

Gov. Cuomo just  signed the bill that allows people with PTSD to get medical marijuana in NY State !

This is huge.  Now folks suffering PTSD from military service, law enforcement, fire fighting, or life traumas can benefit from medical marijuana. We know that THC and CBD can be effective to help sleep, decrease anxiety and decrease pain in folks suffering PTSD. Now these really useful medicines are available to NY residents. Strong work, the NYS Gov and Legislature!

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Medical Marijuana and the VA healthcare system

The official policy of the VA system is that medical marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under federal law, so they will not recommend or provide it.

However, the VA has a policy about veterans who are in state regulated medical marijuana programs. This Veterans Administration policy clearly states that the VA cannot deny care to a veteran because they are in a state regulated medical marijuana program.

Here’s the official VA policy on pain clinics prescribing medicines like opioids to patients who are in a state regulated medical marijuana program, from the 2011   VHA  directive 2011-004 :

 While patients participating in State marijuana programs must not be denied VHA services, the decisions to modify treatment plans in those situations need to be made by individual providers in partnership with their patients.

That’s it. That means that the VA is leaving it up to you and your practitioner on how to integrate medical marijuana into your VA based treatment plan.

One reasonable practice pattern for VA practitioners  might simply be to note the patient’s medical marijuana use and continue their care for the patient  which meets the standard of care guidelines for the individual state the practitioner is licensed in.

Regarding medical records, remember that a patient’s medical record belongs to the patient.   New York State law requires doctors and hospitals to provide patients access to their medical records.

Veterans can also sign up for a  MyHealtheVet Premium account and go through the authentication process.  They can then  can download their own medical records using the VA Blue Button method.

Just as an editorial note, we think that our veterans deserve everything we can do to help them live their lives better.  Some of these guys never came back. Let’s do something  sensible and tangible to help the guys who did make it back.


PTSD and medical marijuana

New York State is considering adding PTSD as an approved condition  in the NYS Medical Marijuana Program. This is a Very Good Idea.

There is a ton of experience out there indicating that marijuana works for anxiety in lots of different people, especially  veterans who suffer with PTSD . Don’t expect the VA system to wake up any time soon.

Like any other class of medicine, medical marijuana’s effect on the endocannabinoid system may work or not work for any one individual.  There is overwhelming evidence from veteran’s lived experience that it should be available to folks as just another class of medicine to try.  With all these guys have sacrificed for us, it just seems right that we should give them the opportunity to live each day a little better. Contact your state legislator and tell them what you think.


Med Marijuana for PTSD: which states?

Here’s an article from Leafly May 2016 listing Med Marijuana conditions approved (then) in which states.


Medical Marijuana can be used to treat PTSD in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • DC
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico

Hey, I don’t see New York on this list !
Contact your NY State legislator and tell them to add pain to the list of approved  conditions  for the NYS  Medical Marijuana Program.

Illinois has 39 (and counting) conditions approved for medical marijuana

New York has approved medical marijuana for ten conditions so far.  What about Illinois?

Illinois has approved 39 conditions for medical marijuana including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic brain injury, postconcussive syndrome, and PTSD.


Let’s start lobbying our legislators about adding conditions to the NY State Medical Marijuana Program !