What gets better first?

We now have over 600 patients in our medical marijuana program with well over 200 data points. So some patterns are beginning to emerge.  One of the really common patterns is this: sleep starts improving first with our first few adjustments then daytime pain improves with more adjustments This highlights the benefit of adusting the … More What gets better first?

Neuropathic pain and MM

Here’s a study in Pain from 2013. They showed that even low doses of Medical Marijuana can decrease neuropathic pain.  There was a significant difference between (no medical marijuana) and (placebo ), but less difference between actual doses (lo versus medium) of vaporized medical marijuana. So even a little bit of Medical Marijuan can work. … More Neuropathic pain and MM

Med Marijuana for Pain: which states?

Here’s an article from Leafly May 2016 listing Med Marijuana conditions approved (then) in which states. Medical Marijuana can be used to treat pain in the following states: Alaska Arizona California Colorado DC Hawaii Maine Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont Washington Hey, I don’t see New … More Med Marijuana for Pain: which states?