CB1 receptor agonist binding insights (geeky)

High Times reports  that  an international team of researchers  has actually figured out how the CB1 receptors in your brain respond to THC and other medicines that bind to them. It turns out that your CB1 receptors have way different structures depending on which medicine is actually binding to it. Here’s the article in Nature.

This information is important because when THC or any other medicine binds onto a CB1 receptor,  we can now start looking at how different shapes of this complex  cause different behaviors in your brain cells. This is an obvious guideline to choosing or designing medicines with specific effects on the CB1 receptor. This is very exciting stuff, and not just for geeks.

Go Science ! ! !


Cannabinoid receptor structure (geeky)

The actual structure of CB1 receptors is getting mapped. Here’s an article that points to some really cool basic science research that is beginning to sort out how and where THC and other cannabinoids work to switch on the CB1 receptors.


This is really exciting stuff for all kinds of reasons. First, we get to learn how THC works at a detailed molecular level. Second, we may be able to design more specific cannabinoids to do exactly what we want and not do what we don’t want. Watch This Space.