Call your congressman NOW ! ! !

Our Attorney General Jeff Sessions has just decided to let the FBI and DOJ prosecutors attack patients doctors and dispensaries in state approved medical marijuana programs.  Here’s the CNN article in which he rescinds the Cole memorandum .

This is an outrage.  Twenty nine states have working medical marijuana programs. New York State has over 35,000 people getting benefits from the NYS Medical Marijuana Program.  Lives are being saved. Hope is being restored to families. And AG Sessions wants to stop it all.

Call your congressman’s local office.  Tell them:

  • you want the federal government OUT of the New York State Medical Marijuana Program
  • you want AG Sessions stopped in his attempt to interfere in your medical treatment
  • you want marijuana downscheduled to Schedule Two

Be polite, but be very clear.

Then get five of your friends to make the same call.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your voice heard effectively.

Sessions is trying to bully sick people who are getting effective treatment.  We need to fight back for ourselves and out friends. Take that anger and turn it into action.