Care and feeding of vape cartridges

Most of the medical cannabis we vape is vaped through a cartridge with a 510 thread. Here are a couple of important points to keep your 510 cartridges happy.

Screw and unscrew while holding the base of the cartridge

Always screw and unscrew while holding the base of the cartridge. If you grab the tip or the glass chamber, you stand a good chance of tearing the cartridge apart.  This gives you the pleasure of watching $100 of THC oil drip down your hands onto the floor. Best avoided.

Replace 510 vape cartridge every 6-9 months

If you refill your 510 cartridge, figure on replacing it every 6-9 months.  The coil and wick are going thru many many heat-cool cycles and they wear out. For replacement cartridges, try eBay searching “ceramic vape cartridge 510 thread.” You can get a 5 pack for around $20, don’t spend more than $6-8 for one cartridge.

So happy vaping and if you have a hack you would like to share, please let us know!