Dysmenorrhea and medical marijuana

There is a huge interest in medical marijuana for treatment of dysmenorrhea.  This is a really common and really debilitating condition that robs young women of many days every year.

What sense does it make to treat dysmenorrhea with medical marijuana? Well, a  lot of the problems with dysmenorrhea pain, nausea, and general malaise seem to be mediated by prostaglandins.  This much is pretty well worked out.

Folks have been using medical marijuana to treat dysmenorrhea for a long time (Whoopie Goldberg has a whole line of products for this !). So is there science that can explain these empirical benefits? There sure is.

THC has been shown to  decrease prostalandins in experimental models.  CBD has a well known anti-inflammatory effect on the CB2 system.

One major benefit of using medical marijuana for dysmenorrhea is that the treatment may be episodic: you start the medical marijuana a few days before your period and stop it a couple days after.

Mary LaRussa, FNP,  is a womens’ health guru who has real expertise in both womens’ health and medical marijuana. She can tune medical marijuana to your own individual needs. Why not give her a call?