Lyme Disease and Medical Marijuana

A lot of people in NY state have Lyme Disease and a lot of these people are suffering.  Lyme disease may be under-diagnosed and under-treated in areas like ours where it is endemic.

One big component of the daily problems that folks with Lyme have is chronic pain and trouble functioning day to day.  A big component of this can be the auto-immune response that the Lyme spirochete can kick off.  Your body attacks itself, thinking that your normal tissues are the enemy.

We know that THC and CBD interact with the CB2 receptors in our immune system to tamp down this auto-immune response.  Our own experience in Multiple Sclerosis and Crohns disease, both auto-immune diseases, has led us to reach out to the community of people suffering from Lyme disease.

Lyme disease needs a multi-pronged attack: antibiotics, supplements, and lifestyle changes all can contribute to living better.  Lowering our body’s auto-immune response with medical marijuana may be an important part of this overall plan.