Results: medical marijuana and pain

Here are results from 280 MedMarijuana Consultants patients who are being treated for pain.  We asked them to report their results on a 1-5 star scale (like Amazon or Yelp).  Here is what they said:

  • 70% had good or better pain relief with MedMarijuana Consultants
  • 40% had excellent pain relief with MedMarijuana Consultants

This is no accident.  Our process of followup and tuning medical marijuana  provides superior results.  We can get people  more relief faster.  Our decision algorithm is constantly updated in real time to learn from our patients’ experience and roll this out for our next recommendation.   Oh, and we can save you serious money when you buy your medical marijuana, that’s part of our real-time learning algorithm too.  So:

  • more relief
  • faster relief
  • less expensive.

Think about it.