How to take medical marijuana

Here are a couple of comments that have shaken down from listening to our patients as they fit medical marijuana into their overall treatment plan.

  • Medical marijuana may work best either as a standalone or together with other medicines. For example, in Parkinson’s the major benefit of medical marijuana may be to decrease the dystonia associated with the carbidopa, or to extend the time that these medicines are effective. Many pain patients can way decrease or cut out their opioids, but some can’t totally get off their other pain medicines including opioids.  Either way is OK.  You just have to see how it fits in with your other medicines.
  • If you are taking medical marijuana for pain or spasticity, you may need more on days when you are more active. I would much rather have my patients be more active and take a bit more medicine, than to sit around and take less medicine. The whole idea of pain medicine is to remove roadblocks from you getting active. Being active is the real treatment for your condition.