Rodz opioid rant, continued

So the CDC just updated its reporting on our national opioid epidemic and it’s not looking good for our failed Drug War .  The good news: opioid prescribing nationally is DOWN to three times the 1999 levels.  The average American now gets only 1.75 mg of morphine every day, 640 mg/year.  The bad news: opioid prescribing continues to INCREASE in communities that are predominantly white, rural, low-education, and low-income. Northern NY was one region that saw an increase in opioid prescribing.

In short, national opioid prescribing is down, but our local opioid prescribing is UP.  Patients should be aware of this danger when they go to their health care providers with pain: if your doc dashes off a prescription for oxycodone or hydrocode, ask for “a non opioid treatment.”

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Opioids for chronic non cancer pain were Too Good to be True.  Don’t get sucked into this whirlpool.