Medical Marijuana in Parkinsons Disease

A quick update on some of our experience in treating Parkinsons Disease with medical marijuana.  We have 10-20 patients in our program so far. Some observations:

  • these are medically fragile people, so dosing should start very low. The first question is will the Parkinson’s patient tolerate the medical marijuana?
  • side effects can happen with both THC and CBD in Parkinsons patients, so ask for side effects from both
  • in particular, watch for sedation in these patients
  • it may just be a side-effect limiting thing, but our excellent results are 20% and our at-least-good results are 30% in Parkinsons patients, lower than in other groups
  • In Other Words, the “theraputic window” of medical marijuana may be narrower in our Parkinsons population than in other populations
  • the benefit of medical marijuana in a Parkinson’s patient may just be to extend the duration of  action of their carbidopa, but this can be a big improvement in their daily life: you don’t get those 2 hours of tremors in the middle of the day in between carbidopa doses

So watch this space as we try to tune the medical marijuana to our Parkinsons patients’ body chemistry.