Call your congressman NOW !

The DEA has just declared CBD to be a Schedule I drug.


Here’s the Federal Register notice: as of 13 Jan 2017, possession of CBD will be treated just like possession of heroin.  There has been NO effective public discussion of this matter, and one obvious conclusion is that pharmaceutical industry pressure caused this change in long-accepted policy.

That means that CBD, which has been available online for years, can no longer be obtained from reputable firms that produce it.

Call (MAKE A PHONE CALL) your congressman NOW !!!

Call the local office, not the DC office. Be Very Loud.

No emails, no text messages: a loud irate PHONE CALL is needed TODAY.

Sample message:
I have a problem that my representative/senator needs to fix. The DEA just put out a rule up-scheduling CBD, the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana plant, to Schedule I, the same as heroin.  This is harming me and other patients who can get CBD by mail order safely and inexpensively.  This rule needs to be changed back to the current law, which has worked just fine. What will my representative/senator do about this?

The DEA needs to feel pressure from the Americans that it has harmed by this riduculous rule change. Pick up your phone and get your friends and relatives to pick up theirs. Use your power as a citizen. I just called my representative and senators. You do too.

John Katko ny 24: syr 315 423 5657 202 225 3701
Elise Stefanik ny 21: north country 518 743 0964 202 225   4611
Tom Reed ny 23: ithaca 607 222 2227 202 225   3161
Claudia Tenney ny 22: Utica, binghamton 315 724 9740 202 225    3665
Louise Slaughter ny 25: Rochester 585 232 4850 202 225    3615
Paul Tonko ny 20: albany 518 465 0700 202 225    5076
Charles Schumer  

(315) 423-5471


202 224 6542
Kirsten Gillibrand 315 448 0470 202 224 4451