How much does NYS medical marijuana cost?

What will my NYS medical marijuana cost?

A lot of people who use NYS approved medical marijuana cannot work or are on fixed incomes for other reasons. So cash out of pocket matters.

The pricing of medical marijuana in NYS dispensaries can be confusing.  Different dispensaries offer different doses of different concentrations with different prices.  You really have to be a geek with a spreadsheet to figure it all out. Fortunately, such geeks exist.

We made some inquiries and developed a model based on pricing from four of the dispensaries currently licensed in NY State.  This model is based on an idealized dosing schedule, which may not represent the actual dosing schedule of any one patient. And pricing may change, YMMV etc. Caveat emptor.

However, this model shows the range of prices for at least roughly similar products.

Let’s say that you are taking about 10 mg of THC per day and about 20 mg of CBD per day, a  typical effective dose.  This could cost you over $650 per month or just over $100 per month, depending on where you got your products.  So it is worth your while to compare prices.