How safe is marijuana? Unbelievably safe

One reasonable question to ask is: how safe is marijuana? How much marijuana would it take to kill someone? We know that taking too much  alcohol or opioids can kill you. What about marijuana?  Here’s an article that reviews some of the data, upshot: it’s almost impossible to OD on marijuana.


Poison control people talk about the “LD-50” of a drug. This means the amount of drug that would kill 50% of users if taken. Since there are almost no CB receptors in your brainstem, marijuana simply doesn’t depress your breathing or blood pressure like alcohol or opoids do.  In case you were interested, the LD-50 for marijuana is below.


That’s right. You would have to smoke 1500 POUNDS of marijuana in 15 minutes to die.  So if someone starts hammering on this point, ask to see their bong. If it’s smaller than a haywagon, they’re wrong.