How to start taking medical marijuana

So you have your medical marijuana from the dispensary. Now what?

First, know that you may have to try a couple of different types of medical marijuana or dosings of medical marijuana to get what you want out of it. In general, you want to get the most relief (of pain, nausea, spasms, etc.) with the least side effects (buzzed feeling, etc.). So that’s the goal.

Start slowly

How to start? Slowly.

If you’ve never experienced marijuana before, take it at night and make sure you don’t have any obligations the next morning (like a Friday night before a Saturday off work). That way if you can’t sleep or have a persistent buzz, you can just hang around and let it wear off. Marijuana effects, even those from oral products, usually go away in a few hours.

Keep a diary

Record your experiences. How do you feel? How are your problems? Is your pain/spasms better or worse? How much? Is one product more or less effective than another? Is one of your issues going away and the other is not? Write it down.

Call if you have an issue or a question

Around 1-2% of new users notice anxiety when they start medical marijuana. If you do, call us and we can adjust things to try make it better. If you get knocked into next week by your medical marijuana, let us know. We can change things to cut down the psychoactive effect of the THC.   Also, if it’s working great, let us know too. We are all learning together.

Because your medical marijuana response is unique to you, get to know what it is and let us know so we can work together to get you maximum relief with minimum side effects.