What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

New York State approves two natural medicines derived from marijuana (cannabis) plants. One is THC and one is CBD. So what are they and how do they differ?



THC is the chemical in the marijuana plant responsible for its “buzz.”  THC goes to your brain and other parts of your body, hooks onto your cells, and causes your body’s cells to behave differently.  A sense of calming, sleeping better, and relief of nausea are all caused by THC changing how your brain cells behave.  Better appetite, relief of bowel spasms, and improved food tolerance are all caused by THC changing how cells in your intestines behave.

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CBD, the second natural medicine derived from marijuana plants, causes no buzz at all.  Instead, CBD acts to ramp up the effects of your body’s own  “endocannabinoid molecules.” Yes, your own body makes chemicals that hook on to your own body’s cells and act just like marijuana. Go figure.  CBDs allow these chemicals to hang around for a longer time and have a bigger effect. This is why CBDs can be so good for pain and inflammation.

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So we have two different kinds of natural medicine from the marijuana plant to work with.  Each has its own way of helping us. Pretty cool, eh?