Video Consultation? Tell Me More.

A modern house call by your doctor. 
Everything done right in your home, without having to travel to a doctor’s office.


What kind of tech do I need?

A Smartphone (iPhone or Android)
With your smartphone, you can have a real doctor’s  consult right in your own home.

How does this work?

Do not worry, we will walk you through all the steps.

  • we schedule your Telemedicine Video Consultation
  • you fill out a few forms online (all this is secure and HIPAA compliant)
  • you download a HIPAA compliant app from the app store
  • at the time of your consultation, we call you and send you a text on your smartphone
  • you hit the link in the text
  • we then help you get connected
  • and we have our secure and HIPAA compliant video consultation

Seriously, that is all there is to it.

 How do I do this?

Contact Us  and we will guide you through the process.

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