$149 NYS med marijuana certification

We will certify you for the New York State Medical Marijuana Program.  We can see you in our Livepool NY  office or do a video consult on your smartphone or computer.

$149 NYS certification and much more

For $149 you get:

  • your NYS Medical Marijuana Program certification
  • a personalized med marijuana recommendation tailored to your needs
  • a followup interaction to adjust your med marijuana based on how your body responds
  • access to practitioners who have  experience from over 1400 patients
  • real time information about the least expensive med marijuana available

Over 75% good results

Over 75% of our patients studied have good or excellent results with their medical marijuana.  How do we get these results? We teach you how to adjust your medical marijuana by listening to your body.  Your body will tell you what medical marijuana you need, how much you need, how often to take it.  You just have to listen properly and know what to do with what your body is telling you.   We have a recommendation algorithm which is updated live to help you make sense of all this.

Start your medication today

We can often start you on medication right away so you start getting relief that day. No waiting two weeks for your card to come.  Too good to be true? We do this every day.

Our goal is your relief

Our goal is your relief.  We have a system to help you after you get certified so that you can get the relief that you want.  So for the same price, you get expert help on how to use and adjust your medical marijuana.  Sound good?

Call us now

To start getting better now, call us at (315) 637-7900.